"Not all those who wander are lost."
--- Bilbo Baggins (Lord of the Rings)


The Existential Social Psychology Laboratory (eXSPLab) started up in 2022 with the reorganization of the Social Psychology Laboratory, which was founded in 2014 at Başkent University Department of Psychology. The team members of the eXSPLab study interrelated yet diverse research topics. These are grouped under 3 main and distinct research areas in the eXSPLab: (1) existentialism and existential social psychology, (2) radicalization and terrorism, and (3) gender.



Skills Needed for Internship

1. Fluency in English (reading & writing).
2. Good attitude to work in a team.
3. Good communication skills.
4. Very good knowledge on research methods and statistics. (Being familiar with using statistical packages such as SPSS, Jamovi, AMOS, Lisrel,... etc.)
5. Knowing or willing to learn internet platforms such as Google Drive, Slack, Zoom,... etc.


Undergraduate psychology students to apply must be in their third year at least (students in their spring semester of the second year can also apply for summer internship); and completed the related courses such as research methods, statistics, and social psychology.

Graduate students should be enrolled in a graduate program of psychology, cognitive sciences, biology, or philosophy.


How to Apply

Please send an email to zuyen@baskent.edu.tr, with your current CV, a letter of intention which summarizes why you want to study in eXSPLab, and a maximum 4-page research proposal. In your letter of intention, please indicate the preferred start date (Fall 2022 or Summer 2023). Total quota of eXSPLab internship program is 2 for graduate, and 4 for undergraduate students.