"Existence precedes essence."
--- J-P. Sartre


The Existential Social Psychology Laboratory (eXSPLab) started up in 2022 with the reorganization of the Social Psychology Laboratory, which was founded in 2014 at Başkent University Department of Psychology. The team members of the eXSPLab study interrelated yet diverse research topics. These are grouped under 3 main and distinct research areas in the eXSPLab: (1) existentialism and existential social psychology, (2) radicalization and terrorism, and (3) gender.


There are some other research labs and study groups in the Department of Psychology at Baskent University (Ankara, Türkiye), in which we carry on our research but we want to initiate a somewhat specific lab with a different academic and educational mission. eXSPLab is mainly designed as a Lab for future studies both on social psychological topics and existential philosophy. Therefore, the Lab is concentrated on both empirical and theroretical research.




Photo credit: Doğan Kökdemir, PhD | for other artworks visit Instagram profile.


The Existential Social Psychology Laboratory (eXSPLab) is a research lab dedicated to exploring the intersection of existentialism, social psychology, radicalization, terrorism, and gender. Our mission is to advance our understanding of these complex and multifaceted topics through rigorous empirical and theoretical research, and to disseminate our findings to a broad audience through publication in top-tier academic journals, conference presentations, and public outreach activities.


At eXSPLab, we believe that the study of existentialism and social psychology has the potential to provide valuable insights into fundamental questions about the human experience, social interaction, and the ways in which we make sense of the world around us. We are committed to conducting high-quality research that is both theoretically informed and grounded in real-world data, and to fostering collaboration with scholars across a range of disciplines.


In addition to conducting research, eXSPLab is also dedicated to the education and training of the next generation of researchers and scholars. We welcome students at all levels to join us in exploring these exciting and challenging research areas, and to take an active role in shaping the direction and focus of our lab.


Overall, our goal at eXSPLab is to make meaningful contributions to the fields of psychology and philosophy, and to inspire others to share in our passion for understanding the complexities of human social behavior and the human experience.